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Hari Orgochem Pvt. Ltd (HOPL) was established in 1985 to manufacture Trichloroacetyl Chloride (Agrochemical Intermediate for Chlorpyrifos) and Pivaloyl Chloride (Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical Intermediate).

HOPL's Nandesari Unit utilizes over 50 Glass Lined Reactors and has a capacity to produce 8000 MT per annum of Acid Chlorides. The company has adequate infrastructure to handle hazardous chemicals like Chlorine, Thionyl Chloride and Sulfur Monochloride.

HOPL's Manjusar Unit is spread over 20 acres of land and is configured as a multi-purpose plant. The unit specializes in handling contract manufacturing as well as synthesizing chemicals on a semi-bulk scale (10 MT - 1000 MT/year) and specialty applications. Some of the unit processes performed here include Nitration, Fractional Distillation, Photo-chlorination, Ammonolysis and Esterification.

Hari Orgochem Pvt. Ltd along with group company Chloritech Industries is a part of a family owned group of companies specializing in Chlorine based chemistry. Founded in 1984 the company has 2 manufacturing locations near Vadodara.

Our Competencies

The strength of our group is derived from the capability to handle different chemistries and synthesize products in-house along with successful execution of the scale-up from lab-scale to bulk quantities. We have expertise in handling corrosive and hazardous chemicals and are especially strong in chlorinated products.

We also have expertise in Nitration, Esterification & Ammonolysis chemistries.



We take pride in manufacturing and supplying products of the best quality to our customers. We are also committed to ensure that our products are adequately packed and transported so that they reach our customers in a safe condition. Hari Orgochem is an ISO 9001 certified company

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Quality Policy
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